2019-2020 season kicks off!

The Pennsylvania Creative Problem Solvers (PA-CPS)/Pennsylvania Destination Imagination (PADI) are excited that the new season has now officially begun!

With the official start of the new season on August 1st, teams are already purchasing membership numbers for this new season – and we hope to see YOUR team on that list soon. In addition to our growing list of teams this year, we have some exciting news and information to share with our teams…

    This year, we will be hosting 2 events for teams in advance of the Affiliate Tournament – a team training/skills day, and brand new this year, we will be hosting our first ever Team Showcase event! This will be an opportunity for teams to present their challenge solutions in a low-stress, non-appraised event while getting practice and experience presenting before a live audience! Look for more information on our Calendar page for times, locations, and registration information.
    To help prepare teams for the Tournament and ensure a safe, secure, and fair tournament season, we have developed a Policies and Procedures page – we encourage ALL teams, team managers, parents, and appraisers to be familiar with the information on this page, especially our PACPS/PADI Youth Protection Policy.
    To stay up to date on all of our PADI happenings, we encourage you to look to the following resources:

      • The website News page – this is where we will post breaking news, important information, and key announcements about the upcoming season.
      • The website Calendar page – this is where we will post dates, times, locations and registration information for upcoming events and activities.
      • The PADI Facebook page – this is where we will post PADI and DI Headquarters information including state and national/global events, event information, and tips and tricks to help your team out through the upcoming season

Finally, we are so thrilled to announce that the Pennsylvania Creative Problem Solvers (the Pennsylvania Affiliate organization of Destination Imagination, Inc.) has been recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more information about this and how it impacts our program, check out our About PACPS page.

We look forward to a great season, and hope to see you all there!

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