Team Showcase

New this year…the first ever PADI Team Showcase!

What is a showcase, you ask??

A showcase is an opportunity for teams to show off their Challenge solutions in a non-competitive environment, but one that has more of the look and feel of a tournament. Friends, family, and other teams will be there in the audience to cheer your team on, even if your challenge solution isn’t yet complete! There will also be an opportunity for teams to practice an instant challenge, just like they would in a real tournament.

Why a showcase?

In many affiliates, teams must compete in local or regional tournaments before advancing to the state/Affiliate level tournament. This gives those teams more opportunities to present their challenge solutions and practice real-life Instant Challenges. The PACPS/PADI board of directors wanted to ensure that our Pennsylvania teams have more opportunities to build the confidence in their solutions, and have that “dress rehearsal” opportunity to work out some of the kinks in their performances. This will also be used as an opportunity to train our apprisers and ensure that they have more experience in working with the teams (although no scores will be awarded at the Showcase event).

How does a showcase work?

Much like the Affiliate Tournament! Each team wishing to participate will register (see link below) and let us know you are coming. The showcase will be held in the afternoon, so teams will have a block of time to present their Team Challenge solution before the audience. Appraisers may come up and talk to the teams about their solution. Teams will also be invited to participate in an Instant Challenge. However, because there are no scores, there will not be an awards ceremony. There will be food, fun, and creativity, however!

What if my team isn’t “ready”?

Well, there isn’t anything to worry about, because this isn’t a real tournament! Sometimes, teams need to see just how “not ready” they are – and this is a great, no-stress environment to do that in. By scheduling this event 3 weeks before the official Affiliate Tournament, your team will have time to evaluate the things that still need to be worked on before the “real” event on March 21st.

So what are the details?

The Showcase will be held the afternoon of February 29th. More details about starting times and a schedule for the day will come closer to the event, once we know how many teams plan on participating.

It will be held at Renaissance Academy, 413 Fairview St, Phoenixville, PA 19460. Again, more details such as maps will come out closer to the event date.

The cost of the event is $20 per team; howeverif your team has registered for the Affiliate Tournament and your appriaser has also registered (which they should have, since tournament registration is due on February 21st and Appraiser Registration is due February 28th), and if your appraiser attends the training at the Showcase site on the morning of February 29th, your Showcase registration fee will be waived.

Registration is currently open, and will close on Friday, February 7th at midnight. Please make sure you let us know if you are coming – we certainly hope to see you there!


Click here to sign up for the Showcase event


If you have any questions about the Team Showcase event or registration, please email us HERE.

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