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Need help getting through the DI season? Here is a collection of resources to keep you and your teams headed in the right direction throughout the year!


Organizing your DI season

Click on the image to download a checklist of milestones, due dates, and other key steps in the DI season process to keep you organized!

If you can’t keep track of the emails in your inbox, we have a running list of all the announcement emails that have been sent to this year’s Team Managers and Team Coordinators – click here if you think you have missed something!

The Roadmap for Team Managers can also be downloaded from the Resource Area (see the next section below).


DI Resource Area – Training and Documents

Teams who have already purchased their membership numbers can log into the Resource Area by visiting and logging in with your email and password. Once in the Resource Area, click on My Account and then click on Visit Training to launch the DI Training platform. This area has many web-based self paced trainings for team managers.


You can also download resources from the Documents Library, including:

  • Copies of the challenges
  • The Rules of the Road (PS: this is a MUST READ for Team Managers!!!)
  • The Roadmap for Team Managers – this can be another great tool to get through the season!

You can access these documents by clicking on the Documents tab and then on View Documents


Practicing Instant Challenges

Instant challenges are a VERY important, and sometimes overlooked, aspect of the tournament. It is important that teams practice Instant Challenges to build the teamwork and problem solving skills necessary for success at this part of the tournament. Here are some places where you can find practice Instant Challenges:


Learning from other teams

Many teams have developed other resources and handy tricks and tips to help you and your team throughout the season.

  • The team “STEMCells” has created a “Two Minute Team Manager” series on YouTube. This collection of videos covers a wide range of topic areas and is designed for both team managers and team members. You can also follow them on Facebook at 
  • Seeing what is possible with DI can really spark ideas and get teams thinking! You can visit YouTube and search for “Destination Imagination [challenge type]”, such as “Destination Imagination engineering challenge” or “Destination Imagination Fine Arts challenge” and see what other teams have done in previous years. Just remember – anything your team presents during their challenge this year MUST come from your team members!!!
  • Destination Imagination often brings in Team Managers and other guests to contribute to the DI Blog at This blog features new articles that cover a wide range of information, updates, and resources for team managers, team members, parents, and other supporters. The most recent blog entries can also be found on our PADI website, below.

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