PADI has instant challenge resources!

Instant challenges are an important part of the DI experience, and teams should be familiar with a wide range of IC styles – whether performance based, task based, communication focused, or some combination of types. But did you know that Instant Challenges can help introduce some of the concepts teams will face in their Team Challenges as well?

A group of talented DI alumni have developed a series of Instant Challenges that correspond to the 6 Team Challenge types. These ICs will introduce your team to a wide range of instant challenge and team challenge skills. Try one or try them all! Click here to download the IC set.

Additionally, Pennsylvania DI has put together kits for teams that include many of the items required for the ICs from the set, based on this resource list. The items listed with “yes” or “In PA Tool kit” come in our kit, so no more searching for the right number of toothpicks and other random bits and pieces. And guess what….it’s free! We just ask that you cover the cost of shipping the kit to your home or school. For more information or to order your kit, please email Diana Baldi at

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