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Did you know PADI was award winning??

In May of 2018, Pennsylvania DI took home the Destination Imagination “Extraordinary Growth and Impact” award – and not just for the first time, but for the second year in a row!

This award is a testament to the tremendous growth of the program in Pennsylvania over the last several years. In 2016, PADI had less than 10 teams…in 2018, we had 33 teams, and held the largest PA Affiliate Tournament in many years. We appreciate the hard work of our Board of Directors, our volunteers, and especially the coordinators and team managers who have helped us make this growth possible. We look forward to growing the program in the years to come, and are excited every time we see a new team or school experience the value that DI can bring.

If you or someone you know might be interested in starting a team – and helping us go for our third “Extraordinary Growth and Impact” award, please let us know!

Join Us for an Informational Night in Elizabethtown

Interested in learning more about DI? Considering starting a team? Come join us for an informational night for parents and students interested in Destination Imagination. There will be information for Elizabethtown students, and for those from other school districts. Come and learn about starting a team, selecting your challenge, and being part of this great program! Check out the event page on our calendar for more information. 

Season and Tournament Information

This is it…the moment you’ve been waiting for! All the juicy details for our 2019 season – locations, registration information, and tournament dates. And they are all right here on our newly revamped website!

  • Check out our Calendar of Events for dates, times, and locations!
  • Check out our Tournaments page for details on the 2019 Affiliate Tournament, including Registration Information!
  • Want a handy guide to help you out throughout the season? Take a look at our Checklist for Teams!
  • Have questions? Remember our Contact Us page for information on getting a hold of our team.

And remember…the most important thing…is to have a great season! Our team of volunteers are so proud of the growth of our Pennsylvania Affiliate, and look forward to even bigger, better, and more exciting things this year! If you know of any programs who may be interested in starting a team, please pass along their information to us and we will reach out to them.


2019 Season Kickoff

On September 1, Destination Imagination officially kicked off the 2018-2019 season. Team Numbers are now available for purchase, and Pennsylvania DI encourages teams to start their season early! There are a few changes coming for the season that the DI Board of Directors want to make our teams aware:

  • DI Headquarters are ONLY providing digital copies of the challenges and materials this year – no materials will be mailed to team manager
  • The DI Headquarters cost for all team numbers is $105. In addition, Pennsylvania DI will include a $35 affiliate fee – this will go towards the training and other events we hope you team will take advantage of throughout the year
  • The tournament registration fee for the 2019 affiliate tournament has increased to $50
  • DI Headquarters has announced a change in venue for Global Finals 2019 – this year’s Global Finals will take place in Kansas City, MO

Registration for 2018 Tournament now open!

Registration is now open for the 2018 Affiliate Tournament, to be held on April 7, 2018 in Elizabethtown. Information on the registration process can be found on the website here. As a reminder, all teams must complete their tournament registration by March 10, 2018. The $35 registration fee must be mailed by March 17th.

Registration Deadlines Posted!

The deadlines for tournament registration, appraiser registration, and tournament fees have been posted to the Calendar page!