2020 Tournament Registration

Registration is a 3 step process…

Please read the whole 3 step process before beginning, to ensure nothing is forgotten!!

For all questions regarding tournament registration, please email the tournament director HERE.


1. DI Headquarters Registration

First, you will need to make sure that your team’s information is accurate in the DI Headquarters registration system at http://resources.destinationimagination.org/resources.php. This will need to include (at minimum) your membership/organization name, your challenge, your level, and your manager’s contact information.


2. PA DI Tournament Registration

Second, you will need to fill out the Pennsylvania DI Tournament registration form. You will need to have the following information when you register through this system:

  1. You team’s membership number
  2. Your team’s membership/organization name
  3. Your team manager’s name and contact information
  4. Optional: your team name (what your team would like to be called)
  5. The challenge your team will solve
  6. The competition level your team will compete at
  7. Your team’s appraiser’s and volunteer’s name and contact information
  8. Any special scheduling requests

The deadline for this part of the registration is Friday, February 21st, 2020.

Once teams have registered, you will need to send your $50 per team registration fee to the PADI Treasurer. Checks should be made out to PA-CPS and be mailed to

Pennsylvania DI
Mike Sernoffsky
203 Westview Drive
Elizabethtown, PA 17022



3. Appraiser and Volunteer Registration

Teams are required to provide an appraiser to work the tournament; they will also need to complete online training and an in person training session. Appraisers must be at least 18 years of age, AND have graduated high school. Teachers, aunts, uncles, even friends can be great appraisers! Teams who do not meet this requirement will need to pay a $100 “no appraiser fee”.

In addition, teams are asked to provide a volunteer – this is anyone who is willing to assist for an approximately 3 hour shift during the tournament, doing such work as checking in teams, running scores and information, making sure doors are closed during team performances, or working in the concessions areas. These positions can be filled by anyone in middle school or older.

As part of step 2 above, you will be asked to provide the name and email address of your appraiser and volunteer. Once we have that information, we will contact them and provide more information to complete their appraiser/volunteer registration. If you do not have your team’s volunteer at the time you register, you MUST send an email to the tournament director to provide your appraiser and/or volunteer information before the February 21st deadline.

Appraisers and volunteers will need to complete their registration information by February 28th; managers should make sure their appraisers are fully registered in order to avoid the no appraiser fee. Click here for more information on Appraiser/Volunteer registration.


For all questions regarding tournament registration, please email the tournament director HERE.

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